When "early spring" is in Japan?

We get the new Natsume Yuujinchou 2 short animes on Jan. 16! Earlier news announced that a new anime would be released in "early spring". When the early spring is? 

The "early spring" was originally written as "初春 (sho-shun)" in Japanese.  Conventionally, sometime Japanese call January to March as Spring. It is based on a lunar calendar. Therefore, January is called early spring. It is synonym for "新春 (shin-shun)", means "new year".

On the other hand, January is very cold to call spring, so recently March is sometimes called early spring. After that the word "初春 (sho-shun)" has two meanings, "new year" and "early spring".


This person is/isn't Yuki Midorikawa

Most of websites post the wrong photo as a portrait of Yuki Midorikawa.

I attended the autograph session once so I have seen her face. There is no real face photo on the internet. She doesn't want to publish her face photo.

This person is Yuki Midorikawa correctly

The correct portrait is only this image in Comic Natalie.

Profile of Yuki Midorikawa. This caricature is a self-portrait and has been used for many years.

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Anime Natsume New information release on Sept. 18th !!!

Natsume Yujincho anime's official Twitter acccount @NatsumeYujincho
announced that it will air the particular program on Niconico for release new information about Natsume Yuujinchou. The program will be broadcast on Sept. 18th at 20:00 in Japan time, featuring Hiroshi Kamiya and Kazuhiko Inoue.

source: https://twitter.com/NatsumeYujincho/status/1304615720769277952

The particular program is here : 新情報発表WEB特番「夏目友人帳 ~再会のたより~」:  https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv327859211

featuring: 神谷浩史 (Hiroshi Kamiya), 井上和彦 (Kazuhiko Ioue).  chairperson: 柳原哲也 (Tetsuya Yanagihara).

When the program is congestion, free members are not be able to watch it. Premium account is 550 yen per month. You can pay with Paypal. Free members can also watch archived broadcasts for free if they make a reservation in advance.

Do you need some reference of Niconico?


What's "zensa" in Japanese magazine?

Zensa (全サ) is an abbreviation for "応募者全員サービス" (Oubo-sha-zenn-in-service) and one of the mail order system in magazine. 

Readers buy a magazine with an application ticket or special transfer forms. You will receive the limited item (new animation DVD, CDs or stuffs and so on) when you make a transfer using them. The important thing is that you have to buy as many magazines as you want to buy the merchandises.

For the magazine supplement, you also need to buy as many magazines as you want to get the item. What is the difference between the two?

The quality merchandise that costs over 200 yen (sometimes several thousand yen) attracts people to the magazine and makes people buy it. According to Japanese law, in the case of magazine supplements, magazines under 1000 yen can be only attached up to 200 yen. I think there are other complicated regulations, so perhaps this system "zensa" is used. 

Generally, the transfer form is for Japanese post office only and don't support overseas shipping. And you need to fill in Japanese.

Natsume Yuujinchou was sold 8 million copies.

Congratulations!!! Over 8 million copies!!!

~~~~Natsume Yujinchou History~~~~
Oct. 2005: 3,200 copies
Mar. 2008: 800,000 copies (160,000 copies/volume)
Jun. 2011: 5,000,000 copies (454,545 copies/volume)
Feb. 2012: 6,000,000 copies (500,000 copies/volume)
Jun. 2012: 7,000,000 copies (538,461 copies/volume)
Jan. 2013: 8,000,000 copies (571,428 copies/volume)
(Jan. 4 2013 Hakusensha announced)

Hitoyoshi Fireforks Festival 2012, Natsume collabolation again!

Hitoyoshi Press 2th July 2012
人吉新聞 2012年7月2日  http://www.hitoyoshi-press.com/local/index.php?intkey=8607
「夏目友人帳コラボ企画が人気」  温泉など広域観光の充実を  旬夏秋冬キャンペーン実行委の総会

Hitoyoshi Fireworks Festival and Natsume collabolation poster again!
Hitoyoshi Fireworks Festival: 15 August 2012